Welcome to the Eastern Area Web Site
of the Family Motor Coach Association
FMCA Chapters
Welcome to our Eastern Area web site.  There are lots of exciting things going on in the Eastern
Area and we hope you will decide to join us in the fun and fellowship of the Family Motor Coach
The Eastern Area encompasses nine states and the District of Columbia. It begins in the
mountains of northern Pennsylvania and runs south to the old-world charm of South Carolina. It is
bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern boundary with wonderful beaches in Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and continues westward through West
Virginia to the waters of the mighty Mississippi in Tennessee and the bluegrass of Kentucky. Of
course the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., is nestled in the middle.
The best way to see and do the many things available in the area is through chapter activities.
There are more than 50 chapters in the Eastern Area. They range in size from 25 to 30 members to
more than 200 members.  Navigate to the 4 divisions of our area (northern, central, southern, and
western regions) to see what chapters are in your area. There may be a chapter tailored for you.
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Eastern Area Motorhome Association
Through our actions and dedication to
excellence the Eastern Area will be seen as the
leader and role model for other areas in service
to the members of the area, in recruitment of
new members to the Family Motor Coach
Association, and in member retention.
GEAR 2017
October 4-8
Lewisburg, WV