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The chapter name, COACHES FOR CHRIST - EASTERN, describes the beliefs of
members and primary activities for this chapter.  There are currently 38 members and
most are residents of states within the Eastern area.  Any FMCA member is welcome to
join this chapter.  New members order and pay for their name badges directly from the
vendor selected by the chapter.  Annual dues are $10.  Instead of rallies, members
meet during FMCA conventions and GEAR, the Eastern Area rally.  They arrange and
sponsor the daily devotions and Sunday worship service during GEAR.  The chapter
The Eastern Light, is distributed to chapter members 3 times a year.
Contact:  George Koehler 6070 Tabor Church Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28312.  

The EASTERN AREA GEOCØACHERS chapter was formed for FMCA members who
enjoy the fun of geocaching while traveling in their coaches.  Geocaching is an outdoor
treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS)
receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called
"geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof
container containing a logbook and "treasure", usually toys or trinkets of little value.
Today, over 800,000 geocaches are listed on websites devoted to the pastime.
Members of this chapter gather together during area rallies, rallies of other chapters
and FMCA conventions to hunt for geocaches in the local area.  Independent
GeocØachers rallies are also held, on an irregular basis, often as pre- or post-rallies to
larger events.  The chapter has been involved in presenting seminars on geocaching at
FMCA conventions and at several Area rallies.  Chapter members are always willing to
explain the sport to anyone who is interested.  Dues are $5 per year.   
Contact: Wilt Greenwood, 804-282-1493  

Eastern Area Mah Jongg chapter was formed in 2015 for those who enjoy the
game of American Mah Jongg. For more information:
Contact:  Jayne Reynolds, (570) 220-0529

EASTERN GOURMANDS chapter has been formed for members who enjoy great
dining experiences.  As well as having their own chapter rallies, members of this
chapter gather together during area rallies, rallies of other chapters and FMCA
conventions to sample and experience different cuisine of the local area.  These
gatherings include cookouts, wine & cheese parties, and luncheons or dinners at better
restaurants.  The chapter also schedules traditional rallies where members get to try
several good restaurants, wineries, farmers’ markets, etc., in a particular area.  New
members interested in this concept are welcome.  Dues are $5 per year.        
Contact: Horton Lane, 410-641-5475

If you love music, you’ll want to be a member of the
.  Many of the 47 members of this chapter call South
Carolina their home.  Dues are $10 a year and new members pay an initiation fee of
$5, which includes two logo patches for application on a shirt or jacket.  A newsletter,
Eastern Sharps & Flats, is published 3 times a year.  Members gather in February at
the Southeast Area rally in Florida, and at GEAR, the Eastern Area rally, held in 2004
and 2005 in Delaware.  They enjoy socializing and practicing musical arrangements,
and performing for rally attendees during coffee hour and other scheduled events.     
Contact:  Robert Toppe, 212 Coach Club Dr., Titusville, FL 32780, 321-166-0465.

Members of the JUST FRIENDS chapter must have e-mail capability and may be from
anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.  They currently have more than 65 members.  
Instead of rallies, friends get together for fun and friendship for a couple of hours
wherever there is a gathering of FMCA members, which includes Area rallies and
International conventions.  This is a BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) chapter; that
means friends bring their own chairs, snacks, drinks, etc.  A newsletter, On the Line, is
published via e-mail to members periodically.  Chapter dues are $5 per year.  The
chapter logo is available via jpg for members’ use any way they choose.
Contact:  Steve Czarsty, 864-404-6469.

Membership in the
ROLLING RED HATS, also a chapter of the Red Hat Society, is
restricted to ladies.  Dues for membership in the chapter are $5 per year.  Instead of
rallies, chapter members have their business meetings and gather for teas during
FMCA conventions and GEAR, the Eastern Area rally.  Ladies, age 50 and over, dress
in purple outfits and red hats while younger ladies wear mauve outfits and pink hats to
the teas.  Any lady may attend by paying a modest cost to cover refreshments, etc.  
Ladies are asked to bring their own cups.  Judges choose the winners of different
categories (i.e., most attractive hat, most outrageous hat, best overall outfit) and prizes
are awarded.  
Contact:  Nancy Breisch, 610-678-4288  .