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Tom Hoffmeier
Northern Region Vice President
The 20TH CENTURY WAGONTRAINERS (also known as Twentieth Century Wagontrainers
or TCW) is an older chapter having been in existence 40 years.  This chapter has 187
member coaches and most members live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Rallies are held in
those states, surrounding areas, Florida and in South Carolina.  The average rally fee is $75
with camping expenses included most of the time.  Rallies begin on Thursday or Friday and
end on Sunday.  Morning coffee begins each day and later in the day there’s a social hour
and frequently a potluck.  Activities include craft sessions, seminars and games.  Members
also participate in rallies scheduled and hosted by Creative World.  Their newsletter,
, is published 6-8 times a year.  Dues are $15 per year and new members are
welcome.  Information for ordering name badges is available in each issue of the chapter
newsletter.  Shirts and pins with the chapter name and logo are available to members and
small car flags may be offered in the future.
Contact:  Richard Russo, 29 Serpentine Drive, Bayville, NJ 08721, 732-269-0170.

Contact:  Kimberly Hoffman, 229 Fullerton Rd., Clarendon, PA 16313.  

Members of the
EXECUTIVE EAST PIONEERS chapter perform their patriotic pageant, “One
Nation Under God” at area rallies.  They have a membership base of 55 coaches and about
30-35 coaches attend their rallies.  Their 7 rallies a year, in May through October and in
December, are held at locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.  Rallies start on
Thursday and end on Sunday and each rally is in the $50-$100 range.  In addition to games
and entertainment, activities include a potluck supper on Friday night and a catered dinner or
dining out at a restaurant on Saturday night.  Information is provided to members in their
Executive East Pioneers.  New members are welcome.  Membership dues are $5 per person
and name badges cost $6.25 each.
Contact:  Mary Gill,24929 Hwy 89, Spartansburg, PA 16434, 814-654-2070.  

FIRST STATE TRAVELERS, a Delaware chapter, received their charter in April 2005 and they
already have 40 member coaches.  Delaware residents are welcome to join this chapter.  
Dues are $10 per year and name badges are $8 each.  A monthly newsletter advises
members of rallies and chapter activities.  Weekend rallies, which start on Friday and end on
Sunday, are held monthly (May to November) in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  
The average rally fee is approximately $35 per night and includes the camping fee.  Members
enjoy active activities, baseball, horseshoes, bean bag toss, and tug-of-wars, in addition to
dining at local restaurants and sharing potluck dinners.  
Contact:  Jim Hunter  

Owners of GMC motorhomes are eligible for membership in
Members of this club recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, although they were only
chartered as an FMCA chapter in 1981.  Most members live in Pennsylvania.  Chapter dues
are $18 per year and an initiation fee applies to new members.  They have a rally each
month, April - November and a newsletter is published each month during the same period.  
Weekend rallies are held in Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.  Activities include shopping,
sightseeing and gathering together for dinners.  Members volunteer and pitch in to make
rallies enjoyable for all.  GMC owners are welcome to join this chapter.
Contact:  Robert Gilligan, 2820 W. Crown Point Blvd., Naples, FL 34112.  

GMC DIXIELANDERS is a chapter restricted to owners of the classic GMC motorhome
manufactured by General Motors Corporation.  They have 134 member coaches.  Many of
the members live in Eastern Area states.  Chapter dues are $10 per year and new members
pay an additional $10 initiation fee, which includes chapter name badges.  Their newsletter,
The Dixielanders, is issued quarterly.  Approximately 50 coaches attend each of their rallies
held in the Southeast during January, May, July and October.  Rallies begin on Thursday and
end on Sunday.  The average rally fee is $30; with camping costs being extra.  Activities
include meals, seminars and “bull” sessions.  Jackets and flags with the chapter logo are
available at cost to chapter members.  
Contact:  James Walters, 179 Lorretta Ln, Lutherville GA 30251.  

Ives Runners chapter is an active group that enjoys gathering in Pennsylvania.  The
group started by camping at the Ives Run campground in the Army Corps of Engineer Park at
Tioga, Pennsylvania and then became an FMCA chapter in the Eastern Area.

We now hold two rallies a year.  We continue to make Ives Run our annual rally in the fall and
in the spring gather somewhere in southern or central Pennsylvania. We enjoy exploring area
attractions, gathering around a camp fire, going out to eat as a group and having pot luck
dinners (one of our favorite things to do).

If interested in our group contact the group’s Secretary, Jo Bair at

PENN COACHMEN Our chapter is one of the oldest in the Eastern area; having received our
charter in July, 1969. Our current membership is about 225 coaches. These members reside
primarily in central and eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Weekend
rallies are held April through November in the same area and are attended by 25-45 coaches.
Special activities, entertainment, meals, etc. are planned in keeping with the rally theme.

Rally fees, excluding campsite expense, are kept to a minimum. A membership directory with
rally information and chapter by-laws and standing rules is published annually and sent to
each member family. Chapter news is also provided on our web site @ www.penncoachmen.
org and through periodic e-mails to members. Dues are $15/year or 3 years/$40 and new
members order and pay an additional fee for their name badges. Hats, shirts, vests and
jackets with the chapter logo are available. New members are always welcome.

Contact: Nancy Breisch, 1308 Whitfield Blvd, Reading,  PA 19609, 610-678-4288

To be a member of TRAIL BUDDIES THOUSAND TRAILS EAST chapter, you must also be a
Thousand Trails member.  The member base is currently 40 member coaches.  Members
live from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Tennessee.  Chapter dues are $10 per
year and there’s an initiation fee of $15 for new members which covers the cost for name
About 10 or 12 coaches attend the rallies generally held in March, June and September.  The
average rally fee is $15.  Additional camping expenses are not applicable since the rallies are
held at Thousand Trails’ preserves.  Rallies usually begin on Thursday or Friday and end on
Sunday.  Activities include events scheduled by the preserve as well as various games,
attendance at local events and lots of time for conversation.  Flags with the chapter name
and logo are available to members.    
Contact:  Peter H. Kamenik, 3 Colonial Circle, North East, MD 21901, 410-287-8440.