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West Virginia

Membership in the BAY TRAVELERS chapter is limited to 50 member coaches.  
Anyone interested in joining this chapter must attend 2 rallies before an invitation to join
is extended.  Member families include children who are third generation motorhome
travelers.  Special activities are planned for them and they are active participants at
their weekend rallies.  Where possible, rallies are planned around community local
events.  Activities include happy hours, potlucks, cookouts and lots of time for
socializing.  The average rally fee per coach is $5 excluding campsite expenses.  About
15-25 coaches attend the monthly rallies held in the mid-Atlantic area during April
through November.  Members receive chapter news in their newsletter,
Traveling On,
which is issued about 10 times a year.  Chapter dues are $10 per year.  Shirts with the
chapter name and logo are available to members.
Contact:  Bruce List, 11833 Franklinville, Upper Falls, MD 21156.
    Email: brucelist@hotmail.com

CAPITOL CHAPTER members typically live in states within a radius of the Capitol in
Washington, DC - Maryland, Northern and Eastern Shore Virginia, Delaware, Eastern
West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Formed in 1968 and
officially chartered by FMCA in 1969,  Capitol Chapter is one of the oldest in FMCA and
has a long history of monthly chapter rallies, participation in the Great Eastern Area
Rallies (GEAR), and even serving at the National level since our members have held
National offices and routinely participate in the International FMCA Rallies that are held
around the country and even occasionally in Canada.  Although we seldom have all of
our members attending the same event, our monthly rallies always offer an opportunity
to hop into our RVs and enjoy new sites, good food and warm friendships.
  We have a Closed Group on Facebook "Capitol Chapter-FMCA" to which we admit
anyone who is currently a validated member in good standing in both FMCA and
Capitol Chapter.  We also email monthly newsletters to our chapter members
throughout the year to highlight our most current activities and to share news from our
chapter's officers, members and National Director.
  We have a public website that even non-members can access -
https://capitolchapter-fmca.com/  In addition to photos from recent chapter rallies, you'll
find a calendar showing upcoming events and even a form for joining us as a new
member. You're invited to share our webpage with others who might be interested in
joining FMCA and our Chapter. You can easily communicate with us for further
information via the “Would You Like More Information” portion of our public website.
  We invite you to attend one of our upcoming rallies as you consider officially joining
our chapter. By regularly visiting our public website you can see the full schedule as it
evolves and can easily request more information about joining us at any specific rally.

The scope of the CARDINAL VIRGINIANS is the western portion of Virginia, I-81 via the
chapter newsletter,
The People Feeder.  They have 9 rallies a year during the months
of April thru December.  About 20 coaches attend each rally, which are held on
weekends. The average rally fee (excluding camping) is $7-$10.  Most rallies are in
Virginia but they have also gathered at locations in Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Canada.  They try to have at least one out-of-state rally
per year.  Members enjoy socializing, eating, shopping and crafts, and the men enjoy
working on coaches.   Dues are $25 per year and name badges are $7 each.  
Contact: Jo Lynne Senger,   540-363-5155.   
E-mail: davesenger@newhopetel.net   

COLONIAL VIRGINIAN Chapter of FMCA was chartered in February 1990.  The
chapter has about 60 members. Most members reside in eastern Virginia, but we also
have members from the Carolinas, Maryland, Delaware and a few who now call Florida
home.  We hold rallies monthly, usually on weekends, March through December.  Most
rallies are held within a four-hour drive from Williamsburg, VA, but we do occasionally
venture further.   Rallies that are held at greater distance are typically longer in
duration to justify the travel.  Rallies routinely include seasonal activities, sight-seeing,
and festivities appropriate to the rally location.  The rally host routinely provides Friday
dinner and Sunday breakfast for a weekend rally.  A rally fee is based on the food
provided by the rally hosts, but is rarely more than $10 per person for a 3-day weekend
rally, excluding the campground fee.  Members have regularly shown interest in
collecting funds throughout the year to make an annual contribution to a worthy cause.  
In recent years, that contribution has been made each December to Toys for Tots.
Colonial Virginians are active in FMCA’s Eastern Area and routinely volunteer to
operate the handicapped golf carts at the Greater Eastern Area Rally (GEAR).  
Chapter dues are $20/year and are pro-rated.  New members order and pay an
additional fee for their name badges.  New members are always welcome.  Chapter
news and information is available from our President.  

Contact:  Frank Decker, President
E-mail:    frank.decker1@gmail.com

Contact:  Gene Clendenin, 1722 Fox Run Ct, Vienna, VA 22182, 703-938-5389.  
    Email:  geneclend61@yahoo.com

DIXIE TRAVELIERS  RV CLUB has been active for 45 years.  We have approximately
25 members and membership includes, NC,SC, TN, and GA.  We have 4 rallies each
year rotating from area to area.  Our annual dues are $10.00, rally fee is $10.00 which
includes continental breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Rallies are Friday & Saturday, but
most folks come a few days early sight see the area.  We play lots of games on Friday
and Saturday nights with neat prizes.  If you have a motor home we would love for you
to visit us and join our club.  We really do have a lot of fun and fellowship.  We look
forward to hearing from you.  Our rallies start in March of each year.

For rally information contact Vice President Pat Smith  cell:  704-813-4547
                                                                or email  padasmit@bellsouth.net
Or contact Dean Carpenter, President  cell 704-813-1839  
                                                          email dean@carpentersrealestate.net

Members of the
DOGWOOD chapter live in Virginia with a few exceptions.  There are
about 51 member coaches in the chapter.  Chapter dues are $10 per year and
members order name badges (at $10 each) directly from the vendor selected by the
chapter.  A newsletter is provided monthly to members.  They have 4-6 weekend rallies
a year, usually attended by 10-25 coaches.  The 2008 schedule had rallies in April,
June, October, November and December, and they were held in North Carolina and
Virginia. Locations included state parks, Fort Monroe, Oyster Festival and
Williamsburg, Virginia. The average rally fee is $30 and does not include the costs for
campsites. In addition to happy hours and planned meals, members enjoy Yankee
swaps, attending festivals, and sightseeing in the different locales.
Contact:  Mann Duff,  804-873-1328.
E-mail: MannDuff@SupremeCentral.com

The GMC TIDEWATER CRABS chapter was chartered by FMCA on May 8, 1976 for
owners of GMC (GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION) TZE motorhomes.  To be
considered for Standard Membership, GMC TZE ownership at time of application is
required.  Club members who now own another model coach hold Affiliate Membership.
Non-GMC TZE coach owners are welcome as Honorary Memberships but have no
voting rights, pay no dues and membership must be extended by the Executive
Committee.  Chapter dues are $15 per year and name badges are approximately $10
each.  About 5 to 6 weekend rallies are held each year, May to October, in Delaware,
Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of
Columbia. Rally fees are about $10 excluding campground expenses.  Activities at
rallies include sight seeing, camaraderie and fellowship, and sessions on the
maintenance and repair of the classic GMC Motorhome.  T-shirts, denim shirts and
throws with the chapter logo are available at cost to chapter members.
Contact:  James P. Brennan, Jr., 757-229-0118.  
E-mail: jemsb@aol.com

HOKIE TRAVELERS chapter has been formed for members who are fans of
Virginia Tech football. The chapter has 19 members. Members meet at home football
games. They usually arrive Thursday of Friday before the game and leave Sunday
morning.   Members discuss how the season is going and how they think the new year
will go.  Dues are $10 per year.  
Contact: Bryan J. Katz, 930 New Village Dr., Christiansburg, V 24073, 703-793-0730.
E-mail: gspfan@aol.com

MOUNTAINEER chapter serves the West Virginia area, but members are welcome
from anywhere.   They currently have approx. 60 member coaches.  Chapter dues are
$20 per year.  Their newsletter,
FMCA Mountaineer Chapter News, is published 4 times
a year and keeps members informed of rallies and chapter news.  They have six rallies
a year, held monthly from May to October.  About 20 coaches usually attend, and the
rallies are held at many interesting locations throughout the eastern states. They
attend GEAR, the Eastern Area rally, as a group and they get together in December for
a Christmas dinner.  In addition to the fellowship, they enjoy potlucks, sightseeing,
dining at restaurants, dinner shows, and sharing travel stories with chapter members.
Contact: Sharon Strader, 304-472-3322.  
E-mail: jstrader@wvdsl.net
Jerry Cohen
Central Regional Vice President